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Breton ND Testing Inc. opened for business in 1990. With extensive knowledge and experience in the industry we began operations in Eastern Canada. In the mid 2000's we expanded operations to Western Canada, with a focus on the Oil Sands and continue to operate with heavy presence in the area.


We are committed to providing clients with state of the art NDE services. We employ CGSB certified technicians that are ready to service both of your traditional and advanced NDE needs. For a full list of services offered see below.


At Breton ND Testing, we utilize a Safety Management System (SMS), that exceeds the requirements of Alberta's Occupational Health & Safety Act, Regulation, and Code. We are committed to continuous improvement; implementing various programs that allow us to monitor the effectiveness of our SMS while educating and protecting our employees. As a result, we are protecting the enviroment, the public, and our respective clients.


At Breton ND Testing, we pride ourselves on providing fast and accurate results, available when you need them most. Our experienced, qualified, and multi-certified technicians provide comprehensive testing services to get you the most accurate and quality results in the shortest amount of time possible. We get there quickly and we get done faster to keep you moving forward.



Eastern Division

2054 Sydney Road, Reserve Mines

Nova Scotia, Canada


Tel: 902-842-9220

Fax: 902-842-1142

Western Division

220 Fullerton Drive, Fort McMurray

Alberta, Canada


Tel: 780-715-0382

Fax: 902-842-1142


For any inquiries, or questions please call one of the numbers above, or fill out the following form

Breton ND Testing is a proud member of:

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