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Core Values

  • Safety- All injuries are preventable if you provide your employees with the training and knowledge to prevent them. This is a practice instilled in our employees from day one with Breton ND Testing. The best way to do a job right, is to do it safe.

  • Quality- The emphasis on quality is instilled in our employees from day one. We stand by our training process and see the results returned through the consistent quality of our service. While no one is perfect, if an issue arises, we are quick to react and resolve it.

  • Efficiency- We employ multi-ticketed CGSB certified technicians to perform the testing required. This cuts down on the number of technicians and time on site, which subsequently increases efficiency and lower costs.

  • Reliability- The name Breton ND Testing is synonymous with reliability. By continually delivering our level of service to clients, they quickly come to realize this is to be expected daily.

  • Accessibility- At Breton ND Testing we are problem solvers. A main component of our service is our accessibility. When you contact Breton, you are speaking with a decision maker that can provide you with a solution to your NDE needs. Keeping our clients moving forward ahead of schedule and under budget is a defining quality of Breton ND Testing.

  • Delivery- Consistently supplying our clients with a quality service in the most efficient and economical way possible. Delivering a quality service leads to efficient turnover and subsequently a cost savings for our clients that can not be matched. We are the industry leader in service delivery.

  • Consistency- Providing a consistent work environment for our employees, and a consistent service for our clients is paramount. We believe that consistently in our technicians and the quality of our work, leads to consistency in the service our clients can rely on.

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